Emilia Clarke defends season 8 and wishes she’d taken home a Daenerys wig!

Emilia Clarke continues her media whirlwind adventure to promote Last Christmas (a truly delightful holiday romcom, if I do say so myself).
Most recently, she was invited onto BBC Radio 1 to chat with Ali Plumb and Greg James about everything from toilet paper preferences to Christmas carols to, of course … Game of Thrones!

Thursday January 01, 1970

On “Movies with Ali Plumb,” Clarke shared some of her fond and funny Game of Thrones memories, like how Peter Dinklage was the best swearer in the cast or how she asked too politely to take home a memento from set (“P-p-p-p-please sir, can I take a wig? Seeing as there’s eight and I played the role for ten years?) and thus never received any.
When asked which one of Daenerys’ lines she’ll never, ever forget she answered, “I’m a Khaleesi, not a queen” but then also suggested ‘We’ll break the wheel togeth-” and then stuck out her tongue and pantomimed being stabbed.
She also discussed her various fan encounters, some of which she described as positive experiences, others … not so much.
“The worst one I got recently – and it really hurt, like it genuinely cut me up a little bit – [was at] the supermarket the day after episode 5 had aired of the last season when Daenerys had just gone out, all out … had a moment” she said. “This woman turned to me and went, ‘I don’t know how you can show your face around here.’ And I literally went *pained gasp* ‘I just need to get some milk.’ It was heartbreaking”

Thursday January 01, 1970

She also appeared on “Unpopular Opinions” to help Greg James assess callers’ (what else?) unpopular opinions, which led to in-depth discussion of the merits of quilted toilet paper, Christmas cards and sleeping in separate duvets.
When it came time for Clarke to offer an unpopular opinion of her own she confessed that she hates the Christmas song “Fairytale of New York” and “would rather never hear that song again in [her] life.”
Game of Thrones came up when a caller named Dan insisted that “the last season of Game of Thrones wasn’t that bad.”
Both Clarke and James, who had clearly been expecting a different take on season 8 from Dan, reacted with enormous relief and appreciation.
“Ayyyyy! You can stay!” Clarke said. “That was about to kill me. I was about to be like, ‘do you need me to kick off? … Dan, thank you! God love you, Dan!”

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