The Final Tweetdown – The Final Finale

This is the FINAL Finale Twitter post!
After everything was said and done…
There was still much to be said.

Thursday January 01, 1970

And just like that … it was over. #gameofthrones
— Matt (@Phantomwriter05) May 20, 2019

Thursday January 01, 1970

And now my watch has ended #GameofThrones
— Sandra Gomes (@xanoquita) May 20, 2019

So….that’s how we’re ending it? #GameOfThrones
— marlen the thornback (@marlenvargas) May 20, 2019

Now just tell me what happened at Summerhall please.
— Jenny Slife (@JennySlife87) May 20, 2019

Thursday January 01, 1970


— Jillybean (@JillybeanButtle) May 20, 2019

The last shot of Game Of Thrones
— Tom Reagan’s Hat (@andymannion77) May 19, 2019


— Alt_Qthulhu (@Alt_Qthulhu) May 20, 2019

That was … I don’t even … I can’t process … thoughts and emotions … who even am I anymore? #GameOfThronesFinale #GameofThrones @Axechucker
— Miss Nikki (@MissNikkiDotCom) May 20, 2019

I love being right. #GameOfThrones #AryaAndTheSea
— David J. Peterson (@Dedalvs) May 20, 2019

— NOT TODAY (@CLeg19) May 20, 2019

That. Was. Perfect. #GoT
— April (@lostapril) May 20, 2019

Well, it was an ending. 🤷‍♂️
— Azad Injejikian (@Azad_Injejikian) May 20, 2019

This is the scene after #TheFinalEpisode and that’s all you need to know.
— Motels on Mars (@motelsonmars) May 20, 2019

We did it.
We made it.
My chest hurts.
But we still made it. #GameofThrones
— Not Bri. Just me. (@BeautyBrienne) May 20, 2019

Sansa as QITN was the ONLY satisfying thing about this hot garbage mess. But her crown was terrible. #GameofThrones
— constantgardener (@ebcarlton) May 20, 2019

What a fucking disaster.
Sansa’s queen dress was amazing.
The rest was garbage no one wanted that was designed to make us miserable. #gameofthrones
— SanSan stan account (@JenniferArrow) May 20, 2019

Well I for one enjoyed the episode lol
— Little Targaryen Fruit Dragon ⓥ (@Phoenixs_Flame_) May 20, 2019

Loved it! #GameOfThrones
— Thoros ❤️’s R’hllor (@ThorosLuvRhllor) May 20, 2019

ngl it ended too happy
— Frank of the Morning (@Red_Blaster) May 20, 2019

No no no no no no no no no no no nooooooooooooooooo It’s OVER …. NOOOOOOOOOOO! #ImNotReady #GameOfThrones #ValarMorghulis #ThankYou @GRRMspeaking
— Dan Delgado (@Varsuuk) May 20, 2019

There has to be a secret next episode where everyone blows up, right? How did Game of Thrones end with so many people alive?
— 5mash (@5mashed) May 20, 2019

I loved it so much Don’t @ me (unless you are responding to me on Twitter, by the very nature of which you must @ me)
— David Rosenblatt (@SirSquinty) May 20, 2019

That was so beautifully shot some epic moments. Wonderful music and I’m satisfied #GameOfThrones
— Jo Ludwigsen (@TotalAverageJo) May 20, 2019

Before and after let me die I’m not ok
— it’s the queen in the north, SANSA STARK (@harlotstarlet1) May 20, 2019

That was. Absolutely stunning #GameOfThrones
— Geoffery Crescent (@Lady_Geoffery) May 20, 2019

There was a lot of beauty in that ending #GameofThrones
— Petra Halbur (@PLHalbur) May 20, 2019

It is amazing that Dany never even got to sit on the throne she wanted more than anything, I understand if lots of people will feel like the show did her dirty, but I thought that was tragically sad and beautiful at the same time. #GameofThrones
— Obieryn The Sleepy Viper (@Obienator) May 20, 2019

That was mostly satisfyingly acceptable. Rushed a bit? Yes, but… for me it sits well as an ending. #GameOfThrones #GameOfThronesFinale
— Kate and Newt (@GusAndLeo) May 20, 2019

— lindsey romain (@lindseyromain) May 20, 2019

GAME OF THRONES has given me: my career, some of my best friends, at least two romantic relationships, a lot of beautiful conversations. it’s never been my favorite show, but it’s easily been the show with the most impact on my life. i’ll miss it.
— lindsey romain (@lindseyromain) May 19, 2019

So, basically, R+L=J was pointless. Why did Bran say Jon needed to know the truth? Just to piss off Daenerys? Make it make sense. #GoTs8 #GameofThrones
— Too School For Cool (@MadMakNY) May 20, 2019

I’m so pissed off. They really and truly fucked Jon over and made R+L=J a moot point. I-
— Too School For Cool (@MadMakNY) May 20, 2019

Anyone who feels cheated and let down by the #GameOfThrones finale should try being a WWE fan…
— Certified Ghoul Wrangler (@WhiskeyWin) May 20, 2019

YMMV, of course, but I thought that ending was pretty perfect.
— Amanda Rutter (@ALRutter) May 20, 2019

How is this ending bittersweet??#gameofthrones
— Dominique (@tradominique) May 20, 2019

sandor was like i better make sure i die before i fucking have to see this utter shite
— edmure tully stan account (@bernthaI) May 20, 2019

My heart is broken. Everything is numbed by the horror of how/what they did to Dany! she deserved better than that! They treated her death like the most nonchalant thing ever #GameOfThrones
— Camila Beltrão (@CamilaBeltrao) May 20, 2019

I’m…I’m…really happy with that ending! Holy fuck, y’all. I’m really happy! ❤❤❤ #GameOfThrones #TheFinalEpisode #GOTS8E6 #GOTS8
— Nymeria, Queen of Wolves (@aerynsunx) May 20, 2019

The Last of the Starks #GameOfThrones
— Ygritte (@YgritteTheWild) May 22, 2019

That was about as bittersweet as it could possibly be. I’m having a great many emotions.
Hats off to the cast and crew, thank you for this show. #TheFinalEpisode #GameOfThrones #GameOfThronesFinale
— sistersingeek – prepping for DPCC! (@sistersingeek) May 20, 2019

I’m still waiting for the seasons of Jaime/Brienne story arc to make sense… #GameOfThrones
— GoodGollyMsMolly (@Lifeiskitsch) May 20, 2019

WOW. That was great. I was totally prepared for this episode to be cheesy, or trope-ish, or some other form of shit. But it was GREAT. Yes, there were missteps along the way, but the ending was fantastic. #GameOfThrones
— mW (@mW_) May 20, 2019

I have said this before but it bears repeating: give women swords.
— Doth (@DothTheDoth) May 19, 2019

And now my watch has ended.
That was good. Cried a little at the end, but the most powerful scenes were Daenerys, Jon and Drogon. #GameOfThronesFinale
— Johan Sporre (@Sporrej) May 20, 2019

But hey. I’m alive.
— Gendry Baratheon (@LordGendry) May 20, 2019

I’m just in stunned, shocked weeping silence. That was beautiful. #GameOfThrones
— Geoffery Crescent (@Lady_Geoffery) May 20, 2019

I’ve been saying for so long: the show has always been about how problematic the game of thrones is. I’m glad the throne is dead. Almost as glad I am that Meryn Trant is dead.
— Sam the (most valuable) Player (@kinda_cool) May 20, 2019

I’m actually okay with this ending….George [email protected] pull this crap with the books though… #GameOfThrones
— Khal Swivel (@Bigswivel34) May 20, 2019

My hubby is so mad about how #GameofThrones ended he almost threw his Funkonpops in the trash!
— jilly (@_jilly) May 22, 2019

sooo what are we going to tweet about on Sunday nights now?
— Tiana (@jaimelannisters) May 20, 2019

Her ending was good.
Her ending was good.
His ending was intriguing.
His ending was disappointing.
Her ending was appropriate.
His ending was disappointing.
His ending was a’ight.
Her ending was weak.
His ending was fine.
And HE was the goddamn hero Westeros needed all along.
— Joey Cruz has come to bargain… (@NeverWanderer) May 20, 2019

Yes, but could you be more specific?

Regarding comments like “what’s next, let the dogs vote?” and “I’ll ask my horse!”
welll…. @MeereeneseKnot found this quote:
Renly laughed. “Tell me, my lady, do direwolves vote on who should lead the pack?”
— History of Westeros (@WesterosHistory) May 20, 2019

Every time a TV series has a finale, the gods toss a coin, and the world holds its breath.
— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) May 19, 2019

And in the end all my theories were dumb and bad
— heathen king (@heathen_king) May 20, 2019

I’m sooooo happy all the speculation is over now. Until the damn prequels.
— Alexandra Ellis ⚾ (@AlexandraInTX) May 20, 2019

Goddamned prequels!

If anyone rates that finale weakly as a protest vote for not ending how they wanted, I truly feel sorry for them. It was beautiful.
— Catháir (@Cathair96) May 20, 2019

It’s over and it was beautiful and I can’t stop sobbing. THANK YOU D&D #gameofthrones #theironthrone #gotfinale
— KellieisComing (@KellieIllichman) May 20, 2019

I don’t think I’m okay waking up in a world without Dany @GameOfOwns @vkcoleartist @NotACastASOIAF
— Amanda Taylor (@sewcuteamanda) May 20, 2019

I am pleased that I am not filled with rage. #gameofthrones #theironthrone
— Jenny Slife (@JennySlife87) May 20, 2019

That’s… something!

Ummm when is the winds of winter coming out ? #GameofThrones
— Al Swearengen (@RealPeterman) May 20, 2019


Well fuck guys. We did it. I love each and every one of you nerds I met along the way. This fandom has been a crucial part of my life for almost a decade and I’ll miss it, but I know we’ll be back for the spin-offs and everything between.
— Spider Jerusalem’s Flithy Assistant (@undercover_emi) May 20, 2019

I mean they fucked Dany big time but my Starks got the right endings.
— Fraser (@Az0r_Ahai) May 20, 2019

So for like 6 seasons, Bran been in his room singing “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” to himself. #GameOfThrones #DemThrones
— Theon Pleighboi (@kidnoble) May 20, 2019

Tyrion played the smart game.
Daenerys played her own game.
Jon Snow hated the game.
Sansa played the long game.
Arya thought the game was meaningless.
Greyworm doesn’t play-play games.
Bran has all the cheat codes to the game.
Drogon: “F*ck y’all game…” #GameOfThrones
— Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29) May 20, 2019

This is a great point. I honestly believe I underestimated Drogon. I thought he was gonna go crazy and have to be put down. But he didn’t. He saw what the Iron Throne did to his mother, so he burned it down, took his mom’s corpse and flew home (I say he flew to Valyria.)
— Luka Nieto Garay (@LukaNieto) May 20, 2019


Please tell me this is a joke #GameOfThrones
— The Night King (@WightsKing) May 20, 2019

People still had plenty to discuss.

So bran let thousands die just for him to be king
— Frank of the Morning (@Red_Blaster) May 20, 2019

i can’t breathe
— 𝐬𝐚𝐫𝐚 (@aryastarks) May 20, 2019

This is true.
— Patrick “Lawful Good” Sponaugle (@patman23) May 20, 2019

This all started because Robert hated being king and had no legitimate heirs, so it’s good that they crowned someone very different
— Max Read (@max_read) May 20, 2019

How Drogon thinks his mom died #GameOfThrones
— Caroline Lamarque (@badcree) May 20, 2019

I mean, I knew she was going to write “died protecting his queen” and yet I still started bawling anyway. #GameOfThones #GOTFinale #TheFinalEpisode
— Mary (@dainenyu) May 20, 2019

can’t believe they gave us Gendrya and Braime this season and then took it all away from us. like that’s just plain RUDE
— 𝑭𝒂𝒊𝒕𝒉 ‎‎‎☾ (@sxpphicsansa) May 18, 2019


“And who has a better story than Bran?” #GameOfThrones
— jyoung_phd (@JyoungPhd) May 20, 2019

So Jaime kills two kings and crippled another. That’s a hell of a legacy. #GameofThrones
— Shelly Ren (@shellyren79) May 20, 2019

And a queen, if you count the fact that he led his sister to an inescapable (?) death beneath the Red Keep!

But Arya and Tormund are alive. So at least there’s that. 🤷‍♀️ #GoT
— Jocelyn (@SouthernBelleVA) May 20, 2019

[the remaining Starks sitting around the table before the finale]
Sansa: These lemon cakes are delicious.
Arya: Hot Pie taught me how to make them.
Sansa: Pass me another please.
Bran: I can’t get boners.
Arya: That was random.
Sansa: You know I can’t keep secrets, right?
— The Volatile Mermaid (@OhNoSheTwitnt) May 20, 2019

I wonder if Ned and Cat would be proud.. Bran, King of the Six Kingdoms…. Sansa, Queen in the North…. Jon, King Beyond the Wall and Arya the Explorer.
The pack survived.#HouseStark #GameOfThrones
— Rhaegar RollingStone (@chhamiyaas) May 20, 2019

bran is such a messy bitch he rly let thousands die for this
— clo (@fireandbIccd) May 20, 2019

Tales were shared, and I LOVED it!
Fans had a lot to say, and much of it was fond farewell:

I remember watching Season 1 and 2 in 2013 in bed with subtitles on in case a loud sex scene came on. I spent a lot of time in bed then, and then through the show I discovered @WatchersOTWall and the amazing Twitter fandom. Something to focus on and somewhere to belong.
— Catháir (@Cathair96) May 19, 2019

I want to also point out that I am insanely proud of the Northern Irish talent that this show has produced and the tourism that it has brought here. It has helped shift Northern Ireland’s reputation from being sectarian violence and terrorism to the biggest TV show in the world.
— Catháir (@Cathair96) May 19, 2019

And more:

From there I watched YouTube videos, listened to podcasts and researched the history of Westeros. I began reading books about the symbolism and hidden meanings. I was blown away by the intricate storylines and intelligent foreshadowing…
— 🦄 Eureka🦄 (@shenaniganlife) May 19, 2019

A show along with thousands of others across the world. It made me feel like a part of something really special that I doubt I’ll ever find again. Since all that I found my way to @Axechucker recaps and even guest appeared on @motelsonmars reaction series…
— 🦄 Eureka🦄 (@shenaniganlife) May 19, 2019

So thank you for allowing me to be a part of it, thank you for sharing your heartfelt emotions and reactions and thank you for being along for the ride. Looking forward to the #GoT #seriesfinale and to sharing it once and for all with all of you
— 🦄 Eureka🦄 (@shenaniganlife) May 19, 2019


There has to be a secret next episode where everyone blows up, right? How did Game of Thrones end with so many people alive?
— 5mash (@5mashed) May 20, 2019

The biggest twist of the episode was how Drogon apparently has understood symbolism and complex reasoning all this time. I guess no one ever asked what he thought of the ambition for the iron throne before.
— 5mash (@5mashed) May 20, 2019

As much as The Adventures of Pirate Arya would rule as a show, we all know that the deserving sequel is The Gay Prince of Dorne.
— 5mash (@5mashed) May 20, 2019

Here’s something from one of our long-timers:

supposed to keep her safe. To her show counterpart where she is r*ped by Ramsay. Sansa was who I saw myself in. If Sansa can go through all these horrible things, endure them and still be kind and thoughtful, wanting to help others, then so can I. Sansa helped me when I was
— sansa stark, queen in the north (@motelsonthemoon) May 20, 2019

I still feel like I am. Seeing Sansa survive them and find the peace, find her home and regain her identity, as a Stark, as a survivor. To see someone who was beaten and told she’d never amount to anything, to see her crowned and her people cheering for her, to see her happy
— sansa stark, queen in the north (@motelsonthemoon) May 20, 2019

she couldn’t do. Survive. Sansa Stark survived it all when others couldn’t & if Sansa can endure and survive even when everyone did their damnedest to ensure she didn’t, she did. She came out on top, and she freed her people in the process. Sansa Stark, the queen in the North.
— sansa stark, queen in the north (@motelsonthemoon) May 20, 2019

#GameOfThrones is good and has always been good and everyone else can take their other opinions and do stuff do them.
— David Rosenblatt (@SirSquinty) May 20, 2019

Loved it! Very satisfying ending for me. Thank you #GameofThrones, what a fantastic ride it’s been.
— ShakesofThrones (@shakesofthrones) May 20, 2019

— Starkalypse (@starkalypse) May 20, 2019

Last week I felt like Jaime didn’t get the ending he should’ve gotten. This week I feel like that was rectified. #GameOfThrones #gots8
— Lauren (@pinklem73) May 20, 2019

It has been an honor and a joy sharing the #GameOfThrones fandom with you all.
— AndNowMyWatchHasEnded (@iMissMollyIvins) May 20, 2019

this is the only thing i wanna talk about
— el (@springsansa) May 20, 2019

However much love or hate the final episode, been running being on Twitter with these nerds [email protected], and having @Axechucker bring order out of chaos. Like a Twitter 3-eyed raven, but far less stoned. It’s been fun. #GOTFinale
— Jennifer Wolfe (@Beshter) May 20, 2019

I like to think I add MORE chaos to the chaos, but thanks!

Also, Bran knew all those innocent lives were going to be lost and he did nothing #GameOfThronesFinale
— King Renly Baratheon 🦌 (@TheKingRenly) May 20, 2019

I need a Bran POV on all of this like… now. How friggin much was he manipulating? All of it? None of it? Did he warg into Drogon to burn the throne?? #GameOfThrones
— Haz (@HistoryofHaz) May 20, 2019

Unexpected kudos to David Benioff and Dan Weiss for the writing for the episode. That was done with aplomb.
— BryndenBFish (@BryndenBFish) May 20, 2019

What was left after the final episode. #GoTS8
— Brynn (@Brynnalia) May 20, 2019

I thought it was a truly sensational finale that did justice to the 5/7ths of a book series on which it is based. #GameOfThronesFinale #GameOfThrones
— David Rosenblatt (@SirSquinty) May 20, 2019

Above all, I’m so grateful that I got to see this epic story unfold and be a small part of it all. As a lifelong lover of fantasy tales, I never dreamed I would see one this brilliantly executed, to the point it captivated the world. It’s been an honor and a dream! #GameOfThrones
— Jared Kozal (@jkozal) May 19, 2019

EVERYBODY LET’S SAY THANK YOU TO THE BEST CAST EVER. #GamefThrones #GameOfThronesFinale #TheFinalEpisode
— (@acursedlove) May 19, 2019

To all who have shared the journey with me:
It’s been a treasure of good people and great fun. Thank you so much.
Let’s keep it going, anyway.
The night is dark and full of terrors.
But we still have each other. #GoT
— Jillybean (@JillybeanButtle) May 20, 2019

Actually, against all odds, I find this last episode to be quite… satisfying.
— House Tupsukorva (possibly GoT spoilers) (@SuskiTupsukorva) May 20, 2019

Howland Reed was cheated.
— Samwell Tarly (@theSamwellTarly) May 20, 2019

daenerys’ ending absolutely broke me. i may hate her show characterization, i may think her motivations are bad, but in the end she really was just a misguided child. i was heartbroken to see what happened to her. it was beautiful, and tragic.
— SANSA STARK THE QUEEN IN THE NORTH (@beefcliterature) May 20, 2019

I’ve just been sitting here crying for 20 minutes. I’m fine. #GameOfThrones
— Dacey Mormont (@TheBearHeir) May 20, 2019

I don’t completely get Bran as King, but whatever. I am, overall, satisfied with how it all ended. I always knew Jon would end up in the North. I knew Dany had to die. Arya and Sansa both got the endings they deserved. I am ok right now. #GameOfThrones
— Casey Tweets Too Much (@caseykassidy) May 20, 2019

Shut up, it was perfect. #GameofThrones
— Pedro Pascal (@PedroPascal1) May 20, 2019

sandor had the right idea because i too would rather jump out of a window than watch that episode again
— edmure tully stan account (@bernthaI) May 20, 2019

Just to remind everyone that King #Bran the Broken i.e. would have perished many times over beyond the Wall had it not been for the kind & loyal Meera Reed. The most underrated and under appreciated character as far as I’m concerned. #GamesOfThronesFinale #GameOfThrones
— It’s friggin’ on! (@Frigg_in) May 20, 2019

Oddly enough I’m now more vested in waiting for the books because I want to see what George does. He’s obviously going to go in a different direction based on where his pieces are on the board after ADoD. I want to know his ending. #GameOfThrones #GOTFinale #TheFinalEpisode
— Mary (@dainenyu) May 20, 2019

Jamie Lannister’s kingslayer level is so high, he tried to kill the king 8 seasons ago#GameofThrones #GameOfThronesFinale #GoTFinale
— ROMAN THE GENTLE (@udotai_j) May 20, 2019

however you felt about the end of GoT, Tyrion’s speech on stories matters beyond the show. my old psych prof always said a similar thing: we learn best from stories.
stories connect us. stories educate us. we are our stories, and every moment in life makes them.

— princess boldy of hyrule (@eboldy) May 20, 2019

Every fortress falls
It is not the end
It ain’t if you fall
But how you rise that says
Who you really are
So get up and go through
If ever your fortress caves
You’re always safe in mine
— heathen king (@heathen_king) May 19, 2019

“Don’t say it, Quaithe. Don’t say it. Just don’t even bring it up, just don–”
— Official State Bird of Msaechubaets (@CaseuOiseau) May 20, 2019

Man, I bet it woulda been a lot of fun watching Emilia spend a full season and a half slowly descending into Madness International Airport, instead of four and a half episodes tripping and landing jelly-side-down into megalomania. #GoT
— Official State Bird of Msaechubaets (@CaseuOiseau) May 20, 2019

Ten woulda been better than six. It is known.

#GameOfThrones would have been better served with greater care shown throughout the past couple of seasons. But the finale was as good as it was going to get at the super speed D&D ran toward it. So, I’m happy…ish.
— Magnus: Evil Feminist; Icelandic Novelist; old (@GeekFurious) May 20, 2019

Am I “happy” about the ending of #GameOfThrones? Not particularly. Am I satisfied? Yes.
— You have your Needle? (@TheLadyShelly) May 20, 2019

here comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear
— sansa stark said jon snow has rights (@beefcliterature) May 20, 2019

The show was never meant to fulfill prophecy or expand on it. It’s too detailed, too much for #GameOfThrones. That can only be told to us from GRRM. Its WHY the books are better. So you can read it, absorb it, soak it all in.
— You have your Needle? (@TheLadyShelly) May 20, 2019

Kind of amazing that tonight’s the end. It’s been a long journey over the years, and I kind of l love how the show resulted in a ton of people finally reading these huge books I’d been talking about since 1996. #GameofThrones #memories
— Beth Raymond (@Beth_Raymond) May 19, 2019

Behind every king is a woman who dragged him around on a sled for three years never to be heard from again #GameofThrones
— Orli Matlow (@HireMeImFunny) May 20, 2019

what is this Iron Throne you speak of?
— Becca (the 2019 Version) (@becca_diane11) May 20, 2019

“Stories are everything” is a great thesis. Stories matter. Here’s the story I was told as a child: my people were kidnapped and slaughtered, and their neighbors watched. Some helped. And tonight, I watched that story compared to slave revolts.
— Emmett Booth (@PoorQuentyn) May 20, 2019


i will be forever grateful to game of thrones for giving us this beautiful sisterhood.
— kayleigh (@winterfeIIbucky) May 19, 2019
— Tiny Snek Comics (@TinySnekComics) May 21, 2019

Anyway i think The Wheel of Times series has potential because those books are no where near perfect so a little adaptation editing could help
— Better Khal Saul (@BreakingBraavos) May 20, 2019

These words are also truth.
People discussing who had the best moments in the finale:

Remember, dragons are highly intelligent. Drogon’s reaction was the moment of the episode for me. #GameOfThrones
— Aaron T. Starks (@StarkyLuv73) May 20, 2019

Sansa be like:#GameOfThrones
— The Night King (@WightsKing) May 21, 2019

Yep, called it
— Michelle Jaworski (@michejaw) May 20, 2019

Sansa’s hair completely down (vs complicated looks of her youth & severe pinbacks of Winterfell stewardship) took my breath away.
Elizabeth wore hers down at her coronation to signal sexual purity, in open hostility to those who said her sexual abuse ruined her. #GameOfThrones
— Anthony Oliveira (@meakoopa) May 20, 2019

Drogon received best character development in this finale—exercising judgement when experiencing blinding anger and grief, destroying the symbol of power and the very source of evil, and choosing to mourn in solitude, now brotherless and motherless. #GameofThrones
— la nube , estafa esquema piramidal ponzi (@al1encr) May 20, 2019

If the #GameOfThronesFinale taught us nothing else, it’s that animals are 100% better than people. #Ghost #Drogon #GoT
— Erin Qualey (@miffedcupcake) May 20, 2019

Weird, honorary factoids were broached.

cersei lannister was the last person to sit on the iron throne
— dilara elbir (@elbirdilara) May 20, 2019

Ned Stark raised three monarchs by the age of 35 wbu
— Fraser (@Az0r_Ahai) May 20, 2019

Kudos came in from around the globe:

HUGE congratulations to everyone who worked on #GameofThrones. So many years of stellar writing, incredible art direction, brilliant costume design, unreal sfx and outstanding performances. What a symphony of talent that made this incredible show possible! Bravo! @hbo
— Reese Witherspoon (@ReeseW) May 20, 2019

When you realize @GameOfThrones is over vibes…. Congratulations to everyone that worked on this incredible show! life changing television. I have you to thank for introducing me to the incredible @SophieT long live the QUEEN OF THE MF NORTH.
— J O E J O N A S (@joejonas) May 20, 2019

November 24, 2010 – this is the date when for the very first time I heard about #GameOfThrones – I read an article and saw these 2 pics of Emilia Clarke & thought, wow, she is gorgeous, I must watch this. And months later I did, & felt in love with both Emilia/Daenerys & Series.
— Adam Krajniak (@ManFromWaltaxia) May 19, 2019

“Nothing in the rulebook says an orangutan can’t win the Game of Thrones.”
— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) May 20, 2019

1/ Most hopeful scene from last night’s #GameOfThonesFinale was the table discussion near the end. Sanitation, construction— boring civic concerns that make life 1000% more liveable. That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be. THAT’S why you step up to govern.
— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) May 20, 2019

This is my next work done.
Arya Stark for you. Watercolor
“Swift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water…”
Hope this does justice to all #gameofthrones fans.#aryastark #got #GOT7WORLDTOUR2019
— Partha Mukherjee (@ParthaM2806) May 18, 2019

Thank you Michele Clapton!#GameOfThrones
— Samira Solimeno (@Sami08soli) May 20, 2019

In celebration of the @GameOfThrones finale, here’s pals Dan Weiss, @Scott_Ian, @nunobettencourt, @BradPaisley and Game Of Thrones composer @Djawadi_Ramin shredding all over the theme song.
— Tom Morello (@tmorello) May 19, 2019


I need to see more photos of @lovegwendoline carrying smaller women. I saw one from the set of Welcome to Marwen where she’s carrying Janelle Monae and it gave me life.
— LADY BRIENNE’S RUBY & GOLD INKPOT (@alysonmiers) May 19, 2019

More thanks from cast, crew, etc.

And there we have it. The end of an era. It was a pleasure to play my small part in this juggernaut of entertainment.
Goodbye @GameOfThrones
— Sam Coleman (@SamColemanActor) May 20, 2019

just here for the memes
— Maisie Williams (@Maisie_Williams) May 20, 2019

I could always take or leave #gameofthrones until season 7 and then they made me fall in love so they could stab me in the heart.
Thanks to the cast and crew and production team for their hard work and beautiful craftsmanship.
— SanSan stan account (@JenniferArrow) May 20, 2019

With the Children of the Forest — the ones who made him #thenightking in the first place. Awesome cast! #GameOfThrones
— Vladimir Furdik (@Vladimir_furdik) May 17, 2019

There was much speculation about the future of these characters…

Cersei Lannister, first and last queen of Westeros because let’s face it, those fuckers are never gonna elect a woman. :/
— Cersei Lannister (@Queen_Cersei) May 20, 2019


So why is it considered a positive that Bran cannot produce an heir? History (real and Westerosi) shows that the most tumultuous time for a realm is the first succession. If there is a question of who the heir is, that’s likely to lead to factions and eventual war. #GameOfThrones
— Whit (@Whitless256) May 20, 2019

You also cannot (I REPEAT: CAN. NOT.) convince me that Arya isn’t going to eventually come back to Gendry and be with him on her own terms, which he is fine with, because he’s wonderful.
— Sam the (most valuable) Player (@kinda_cool) May 20, 2019

Последняя капля теплоты
— KaySD (@KaySD999) May 19, 2019

What happened to Gilly? Is the Grand Maester allowed to have a lady and kids under King Bran the Broken? #GOTS8
— LADY BRIENNE’S RUBY & GOLD INKPOT (@alysonmiers) May 20, 2019

Someone laughed at me a few weeks ago for suggesting Jon would end up back with the Nights Watch. Thought the whole idea of the Nights Watch still existing to be completely absurd.
— steph (@Stephamaybe) May 20, 2019

“But, dad — what if I get put in house Lannister?”
Jon kneels before his son, puts a hand on his shoulder.
“Tyrion Eddard Night-King Snow – you were named after the bravest men I ever knew and a magic zombie…”
— Alexis Flower (@alexisflower) May 19, 2019

Here’s to many more smiles in the future ❄️#GameofThrones #TheIronThrone #TheFinalEpisode
— Ghost (@Albino_Direwolf) May 20, 2019

Arya – “What is the west of Westeros?”
Jon – “I don’t know.”
HBO – “welcome to Westworld.”
— matthew iron eddie (@matthewironedd1) May 20, 2019

Oh and in my reality, the Hound landed in Blackwater Bay, drifted to shore, found that stupid dinghy Davos left for the Lannisters and ended up being the generally acknowledged but not legally recognized father of Sansa Stark’s eventually legitimized bastards. #gameofthrones
— SanSan stan account (@JenniferArrow) May 20, 2019

Game of Thrones could drag Jaime Lannister’s corpse out of that rubble, wash it off, do a five minute montage of his face, conduct a DNA test, cremate the body & never mention Tarth again, and I will STILL believe he waits alone on a rocky cliff island to reunite with Brienne.
— natalie (@paparatti) May 18, 2019

arya, wearing christopher columbus’s face: “so this is india, huh”
— trace (@traceyfanclub) May 20, 2019

Tormund is out here FLOURISHING without brienne. He left her raven on read.
— bigwoman who (@devinnodude) May 16, 2019

wait why can’t bran just tell arya what’s west
— Ashley Feinberg (@ashleyfeinberg) May 20, 2019

Gendry when he finds out Arya is going West#GameOfThrones #GameOfThronesFinale
— Andrew Howell (@andrewihowell) May 20, 2019

So assuming at some point in the future Sansa has an heir (with someone she chooses who loves her and treats her perfect) what are the odds she’d name it Theon? #GameofThrones
— Not Bri. Just me. (@BeautyBrienne) May 20, 2019

Podrick is an anointed knight, a member of the Kingsguard, gets to hang around Tyrion, Bronn, Brienne AND those King’s Landing girls.
Ladies and gentlemen I present the Game’s winner
— Professor Castle (@SerBuckley) May 20, 2019

#GameOfThrones spoilers: If Yara isn’t plotting immediate rebellion based on the North she’s no Greyjoy. Get ’em.
— Rachel’ghul (@DarthRachel) May 20, 2019

I did find this interesting
— Phillip Dyte (@phillipdyte) May 20, 2019


Y’all I am a fucking wreck right now. The greatest show that ever was or ever will be. #GameOfThrones #TheFinalEpisode
— Motels on Mars (@motelsonmars) May 20, 2019

In retrospect and overthinking it, Jon’s distant relationship to Ghost represents the temptation of the southern politics, with his dragon-riding tempting him Targaryen identity.
But when Jon embraced Ghost at the end, it nicely symbolized Jon embracing the North.
— BryndenBFish (@BryndenBFish) May 20, 2019

To be clear, the Six Kingdoms = West, Reach, Vale, Stormlands, Dorne & Riverlands
The North and Iron Islands are independent.
— History of Westeros (@WesterosHistory) May 20, 2019

cersei and daenerys when they see each other in hell
— ellie (@odairannies) May 20, 2019

jaime died at 80 in Tarth with Brienne I don’t what yall are talking about
— morgane got spoilers (@jaiemlannister) May 20, 2019

And some final farewells:

Whatever your thoughts on the final season one thing is for certain. This man did one hell of a performance and we couldn’t have asked for a better Tyrion Lannister. Thank you Peter Dinklage #GameOfThrones#TheFinalEpisode
— Ahmar (@ahmarunofficial) May 20, 2019

Still the best thing to come out of 8 seasons of Game Of Thrones
— Lee Dawson (@LeeDawsonPT) May 21, 2019

Nothing Personal… #GameOfThrones
— The Night King (@WightsKing) May 24, 2019

My Stark Babies. ILYSM. I’m so proud of you. #GameOfThrones #TheFinalEpisode
— Arya Stark (@Arya_No1) May 20, 2019

Fantastic end to @GameOfThrones and so grateful to be a part of something special. Thanks to all who watched from the go, now let’s do like Robert and celebrate! Mx
— Mark Addy (@MrMarkAddy) May 20, 2019

— Lovish Jain (@lovishjain_) May 21, 2019

Goodbye #GamesOfThrones
— Helen Carnate (@helencarnateNH) May 20, 2019

And Now Our Watch Has Ended. #GameofThrones
— Daenerys Targaryen (@Daenerys) May 20, 2019

did sky atlantic really just tell me to get a life and stop tweeting about a show that’s over like damn
— 5mash (@5mashed) May 21, 2019

Probably my favorite #GameOfThrones memes.
— Kyle Maddock (@kylemaddock) May 20, 2019

Shout out to the great cast that took us on this journey. So thankful for their hard work and the amazing performances they gifted us. #GameOfThronesFinale
— Ziggy (@mrjafri) May 19, 2019

That’s it.
That’s the show.
Why are you still here?
Go home.#GoT
— Official State Bird of Msaechubaets (@CaseuOiseau) May 20, 2019

So that’s that. My last Twitter post is finished. I want to thank everyone at Watchers for their support, and want to thank all the Game of Thrones fans for their enthusiasm (on Twitter and in the comments section to these posts—I read ’em all!) and their love. Means the world to me.
Nine years ago when I begat Twitter posts over at our first site, Winter-Is-Coming, I never thought they would be so partnered to the viewing enjoyment of so many.
They were a lot of work, but ultimately rewarding; just combing through hashtags and feeds was like digging up buried treasure.
Oh, and here’s a final reward:

Morgan freeman reviewing the entire Game of thrones is the best thing you’ll see today I promise you
— c (@chuuzus) May 22, 2019

No way to top that. We done.
Go home.

WHY are you still here??

The final tweet of the final finale post belongs to me, saying:
— Axey (@Axechucker) May 24, 2019

P.S. I love you all. It was a great run. PEACE.
P.P.S. REMEMBER TO VOTE! Ya filthy animals.
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